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Fun, unique and a little bit quirky, or set the scene to 

sophistication and elegance.

The flexibility in our tent designs mean you no longer have to be the same as everybody else. You can be unique and impress your guests with interiors that not only look outstanding and smart, but are perfect to socialise and relax in.

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Your Interior Plan

When designing your event, we consider every element that makes a great experience, your occasions, your scenery, technology and your guests comfort. With all this mind we'll use our experience to create you a detailed interior plan.  

  • Detailed interior plan 

  • Occasions layout

  • Tent Size and Capacity



It's amazing how "at home" you'll feel when you add anyone of our flooring options to your stretch tent.  

  • Levelled flooring base.

  • Soft matting

  • Luxury carpet



To be comfortable and relaxed, thats what we want your guests to be. Effortlessly create a snug and cosy venue by adding a range of furniture for your guests to relax in.

  • Chairs

  • Tables

  • Sofas

  • Bean Bags

  • Stalls


Stretch tents naturally look good, but with a little extra decoration they can look stunning.

Easily hang decorations from the interior poles and the outer fabric edge to create the perfect theme for your occasion.



Many ways to keep you warm.

Just like a traditional marquee, a range of heaters can be used to keep your guests warm. Especially when the sides of your tent are enclose around you.

  • Flame patio heaters

  • Hot air heaters

  • Warming infrared heaters


Music always helps create a great ambience and thanks to our experience team, we have a range of professional sound systems to suit your occasion. 

  • Party i-Pod music systems

  • Great dance floor sound systems

  • Quality speech and microphone PA's

  • Discreet background music systems


With the right lighting, you'll amaze your guests. You'll design the exact feel of your occasions, if it's luxury, a dance floor or a haunted halloween tent - we can light it for you.

  • Colourful Up-lighters

  • Elegant spot lights

  • Warm festoon lights

  • Cosy lantern lights

  • Fairy tail string lights

  • Flashing dance floor lights

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