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"How Much Is a Stretch Tent To Hire?"

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

See our short video below to learn exactly how much stretch tents cost to hire.

Hi, I’m Chester, the owner of Tention Stretch Tents, where we’ve been installing stretch tents and working within the UK event industry for over 13 years.

One of the most common questions we hear is “How much is a stretch tent to hire? Or, What is the cost of hiring a stretch tent?”

A Stretch Tent costs £12.00 per square meter including VAT at 20%

The hire cost does vary between different companies, however, there is an average cost for hiring a stretch tent in the UK Which is £12.00 per square meter including VAT at 20%.

For example, a 10x10m stretch tent will cost £1,200 to hire for a period of 4 or 5 days.

Here are some more examples,

10x15m Stretch Tent = £1,500 Excluding VAT £1,800 Including VAT

20x10m Stretch Tent = £2,000 Excluding VAT £2,400 Including VAT

Now, there are a couple of other factors to also think about…

1) The size of the tent that you require is the biggest factor in the cost. Smaller stretch tents (under 100 squared meters) tend to cost slightly more per square meter than larger ones.

2) The location of where the stretch tent is installed will also vary the price. Simple installation on soft ground such as grass, won’t cost any more than the advertised price. More complex installs and installations on hard ground, such as concrete or rooftop spaces, generally mean extra equipment has to be used to keep the tent safely secured. Some of these additional rigging methods can be expensive.

3) How many days do you require the stretch tent? Most hire companies give a hire period of 4 or 5 days. Allowing time for an installation day ahead of your event, a decoration day, the event day and finally, a day to de-rig the tent.

It’s uncommon for discounts to be given for hire periods shorter than this time, although hire extensions are possible and are commonly calculated at 10% or 15% of the total hire cost, per extra day.

So just to recap, once you know the rough size of the stretch tent you need, simply multiply the tents squared meterage by £12 and you’ll have the estimated hire price for your tent.

Keeping in mind that additional tent hire costs are likely if a larger tent is required, the installation is over hard ground, or your event is open for longer than a 1 or 2 day period.

I hope this short clip has been helpful in answering your question “How much are stretch tents to hire”

If you do have any questions, just contact us at We'll be very happy to hear from you. Or alternatively, visit our website

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