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TENTION Stretch Tents Hire Hampshire

Stretch tents- all the best bits of a traditional marquee shaped into a completely new design.



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Looking great for all your occasions.

  • Festivals

  • Corporate Parties

  • Weddings

  • Summer Parties

  • Garden Parties

  • Birthday Celebrations


Keeping your guests 100% protected from the weather.

"Heavy rain with cold winds " is a sentence that no one whats to hear before their outdoor event.  


But it's ok! We have all weather fronts covered. 


  • 100% waterproof fabric.

  • Attachable side walls.

  • Warm interior heating.


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Sides Up or Sides Down... 

Stretch tents can be installed with its outer edge (sides) up or down, giving you complete control of your interior space.

  • Open sides allow your guests to remain cool in summer.

  • Closed sides protect your guests from the wind and rain.

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Join Tents Together

Additional Event Space.

Joining stretch tents together is an easy and affordable way to boost your event space, whilst intelligently 

separating event areas. 

  • Chill Out Area

  • DJ and Music Area

  • Bar Area

  • Seating Area


3D Tour

Take a look... >

Use your mouse or track pad to explore in and around the stretch tent.


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Installed almost anywhere

We install stretch tents over hard, soft, flat and uneven ground.

At Tention, our stretch fabric is incredibly strong, yet so light weight and durable you can dream of having events anywhere. A structure thats unique, with the ability to fit perfectly into any event style in any location.


Your safety is behind everything we do.

Tention uses the latest and safest professional rigging techniques to install your stretch tent.


  • Pre event safety checks

  • Experienced rigging teams

  • Failsafe installation techniques.

  • High wind stabilisers 


Stretch Tent Hire

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